Game Sprites

For those of you who were unable to attend the Game Launch, here are some of the sprites that were used in my game.

"Power Surge" Red Enemy Stationary
“Power Surge” Red Enemy Stationary
"Power Surge" Green Enemy Stationary
“Power Surge” Green Enemy Stationary
"Power Surge" Green Enemy Wall Stationary
“Power Surge” Green Enemy Wall Stationary
"Power Surge" Yellow Enemy Stationary
“Power Surge” Yellow Enemy Stationary
"Power Surge" Yellow Enemy Move/Attack
“Power Surge” Yellow Enemy Move/Attack
"Power Surge" Yellow Enemy Attack
“Power Surge” Yellow Enemy Attack

UW Stout Game Launch

Its the end of another semester, which means that it is time for UW Stout’s Game Launch. The launch will be held tomorrow (Tuesday, May 6th) in the MSC Ballrooms. All are welcome to attend.

-Not able to make it? Don’t fret. The games will eventually be put onto Stout’s Game Design & Development game site, where all the previous years games are available for FREE Download and play.